Lady Gaga and Madonna go back, but not in a good way. They first had troubles back in 2012 and it seems that some feelings are still around from back then.

While being interviewed on Beats 1 Radio, Host Zane Lowe tried very unsuccessfully to compare both artists relationships to their fathers with each other – something that would seem like a very obvious don’t-do-this thing.

Gaga was being interviewed for the release of her new Album, available officially on Friday, you can read HYPELINE’s article about it here.

If Lowe was attempting to start something again between the two singers, he might just have done it.

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Read part of the interview or watch it below:

‘There is another artist who has lived a very parallel existence,’ Lowe said, ‘based on this story, which I’m sure you can relate to. You know Madonna tells a very similar story… overprotective father… ‘Papa Don’t Preach.’ You know what I mean.’

Gaga quickly shut him down as well as then turning to Madonna.

“Madonna and I are very different. Just saying. We’re very different. I wouldn’t make that comparison at all and I don’t mean to disrespect Madonna, she’s a nice lady, and she’s had a fantastic huge career, biggest pop star of all time,” she explained.

While that seems very respectful, Lady Gaga didn’t stop there and proceeded to go on about how she writes music differently (suggesting she has much more talent).

“I play a lot of instruments. I write all my own music,” the New York native explained. “I spend hours and hours a day in the studio. I’m a producer. I’m a writer. What I do is different. There is spontaneity to my work,” she continued. “I allow myself to fail. I allow myself to break. I’m not afraid of my flaws.”

But then she turned on Lowe and really enforced she wanted to be known for who she was and not anyone “the f–k” else.

“I don’t mean that in a disrespectful way, I just will not be compared to anyone anymore. I am who the f–k I am and this is me. My life story is my life story, just like yours is. The thing is we all express things in different ways, but my rebellion at my father for him being angry with me, that has ended. It’s like finally I can bite back.”

The two ladies first feuded when Madonna attacked Gaga for supposedly ripping off one of her songs.

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know what you think of Gaga’s new album Joanne in the comments below!

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