WATCH: Betsy DeVos haters support her policies


It is no secret that a lot of people do not like new Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. People hate her so much that some are willing to block her from entering a public school, while at the same time criticize her for not spending much time in public schools.

Hypeline News staff asked college students what they thought of Secretary DeVos.

“I think she’s grossly unqualified,” said one college student.

“I wonder what Betsy DeVos is up to? Probably destroying the education system of America, I think that’s what’s going on.” said another.

“She’s a horrible candidate, I don’t know why she got elected.” (Spoiler alert: She wasn’t elected, she was confirmed by the Senate.)

While some people may not like her for “lack of experience”, when asked if they support things like school choice, which the Secretary has and is currently advocating for, almost all are supportive of such measures.



Secretary DeVos is well-known for being involved with organizations that advocate for school choice policies like voucher programs, which would provide taxpayer money to lower-income children so they could have the opportunity to attend private schools.

As she stated in a speech in March of 2015, “Let the education dollars follow each child, instead of forcing the child to follow the dollars. This is pretty straightforward. And it’s how you go from a closed system to an open system that encourages innovation. People deserve choices and options,”


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