In the past few days, much of America has been in an uproar. Why? Because Vice President Mike Pence and his wife have boundaries in their marriage.

Pence and his wife, Karen, have discussed in the past few weeks the healthy boundaries they set to protect their marriage. One such thing is that they do not dine out alone with the opposite gender (the assumption is that family is excluded).

There were various other things listed, but all of them were very healthy boundaries that protected both of them from any temptation that could bring ruin to their relationship.

Mike and Karen Pence at the Liberty Ball. PC: The Atlantic/Mark Tenally/AP

Personally, when I was reading through these discussions about their marriage, I wanted to stand up and applaud the Pence family. While most politicians act like characters on House of Cards, it is quite refreshing to see such a prominent political figure actively working for morality and for the protection of his marriage. I wish we would have more people like Mike and Karen Pence in Washington DC.

The thing that discourages me is hearing how many think these boundaries are ridiculous. I have heard critical, snarky comments from both from the left and the right. They act as if boundaries on your marriage is an intolerable, old fashioned thing, and that the Pences are idiots for setting such boundaries.

These comments truly show the morally degraded state of America.

In this country, not only do we encourage the death of babies, the development of mental illness, and the intolerance of free speech, but apparently, we now think that healthy marriages are outdated and need to go. We act as if any sort of boundaries is an offense against humanity. Why else would there be so much bashing of the Pence family?

Inauguration. PC: Footwear News

Folks, let’s face it: Marriage is hard.

I’m not married, and I don’t have an insider opinion, but even standing on the outside looking in, it is obvious how much it takes to keep a healthy relationship going. Any married couple could tell you that marriage is not like Disney makes it out to be; it takes hard work and commitment, not just fairy tale, blinded ‘love’.

VP and Second Lady Pence are doing something remarkable: Protecting their marriage in an age where people just want love that comes easily. They’re demonstrating the true importance of marriage in a culture where people are focused on self and rejecting anything that requires them to do something they may not like. Marriage is the foundation of our society, and yet, it is being demolished in an effort to get rid of the ‘traditional’ past.

America is morally degraded in many ways, and this new angle of an attack on marriage is just one of them. In a world that is trying to tear marriages, the bedrock of society, apart in as many ways as possible, including discouraging any sort of boundaries, let us be the people that work to protect relationships, whether that be our own marriage or the union of others.

Let’s be more like Mike and Karen Pence.

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