Yesterday people around the world celebrated International Women’s Day and what it means to be a woman. Some women celebrated motherhood while others attended a 12-hour work day; truly empowering things for women. However, about 30,000 women took part in “A Day Without Women” strikes by wearing red, refusing to spend money, and skipping out on work. I had a tough time understanding how this empowers women around the world.

Susan B. Anthony, Alice Paul, and thousands of other women have fought profusely for women’s rights in the United States, and today, women enjoy equality and freedom because of this bravery. This includes the right to work hard and create the life that we desire.

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The “A Day Without Women” strikes almost seem backwards. Refusing responsibilities and harming the economy does not say empowerment to me. I show up to work because I am empowered. I celebrate the fact that I am capable of working by creating opportunities for myself and International Women’s Day is certainly no exception for this.

This day should be about celebrating the rights and opportunities that women have while also acknowledging women in the world who are realistically oppressed. In countries around the world, women are still fighting for these rights and freedoms; skipping out on work does not help the women still under true oppression.

We show up to work and we do it well.

To be clear, I believe that International Women’s Day is a day that deserves to be celebrated. Women have fought, and are still fighting, for equality. Women serve a role in society that is irreplaceable. We are mothers, daughters, and CEO’s. But is the best way to celebrate a day dedicated to women by skipping work and making others’ lives more difficult?

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I celebrated International Women’s Day by showing up to work, attending school, and telling the strong women in my life that I appreciate them. True feminism is showing the world that women are strong and hardworking.

I’ve never gained respect from others by refusing to show up to work. We show up to work and we do it well.

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