March 8 is generally known as International Women’s Day. However, this year feminists have decided to mark the occasion by having the day serve as A Day Without Women. The purpose behind this action is to highlight all the “oppression” that women in the United States suffer from.

Women should not be using this day to highlight oppression that they face in the United States and they should be using the day to celebrate all the progress and advancements that women have made. Women in the United States are more than welcome to voice their opinions and should be thankful that they are not in a country like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, the United Arab Emirates, and several other Middle Eastern countries where women are not allowed out in public unless they are with a man, are not allowed to drive, and have to cover their faces whenever they go out in public. The consequences for the women who violate these rules are often death.

One issue that women continually point out is the wage gap, where it is assumed that women earn 77 cents for every dollar that a man makes. However, a Forbes’ article that came out in April 2016 ( cites that men work more hours than women and this is where the misleading statistic that Hillary Clinton repeatedly used during the primaries and general election falls apart. Forbes’ sites a full-time week as 40 hours for men and 35 hours for women.

One other area where women, particularly young women in this case, will be hurt is a Washington D.C. suburb that is canceling school because 300 employees asked for the day off to go and protest President Donald Trump ( Students will lose a day of education because their educators have decided to protest our President. This also sets a bad example to the students in that district and it potentially forces other working mothers to stay home and watch their children because the teachers want to protest.

Although no one is sure what to expect out of the event everyone should hope it is nothing like the women’s march that happened in Washington D.C. and all over the rest of the country the day after President Trump’s inauguration. Women in this country have the right to protest and it is something they should be thankful for considering several other countries in the world oppress women without any limits.


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