There’s something to be said when a group of people with an agenda manage to ignore an issue of national importance because of the fact that it’s’ adjacent to something mildly amusing or unsettling.


Enter Couchgate, the latest pseudo scandal perpetuated entirely by people who opt to ignore the elephant in the room in favor of something that can more easily generate outrage.

As always, context is king, so some background surrounding the incident with Mrs. Kellyanne Conway is important to have before any conclusions can come forth. Over the past week, President Trump has met with leaders and faculty of historically black colleges and universities to discuss their needs and hear their concerns. Needless to say, mixed reactions to this meeting sprung forth from both sides of the political aisle.

The odd thing about this meeting, though, is that its content isn’t what most people are primarily talking about. In fact, the content of the meeting is largely unknown, relative to the concentration of outrage on this one, scandalous, downright damning¬†photo:

Kellyanne Conway, sitting on a couch as President Donald Trump meets with leaders and faculty from historically black colleges and universities. The outrage garnered by this picture is generally referred to as Couchgate.
Kellyanne Conway, on a couch. Yup. That’s it.

Not as damning as you thought? Not grounds for impeachment? You’re at odds with¬†much of Twitter if you don’t think that it’s more important than the meeting itself. Perhaps Mrs. Conway was seated indecently, and that mildly irks you, but other pictures of the event reveal why context reigns… still…

Couchgate is a lot less important when you realize the events surrounding the initial photo.
Turns out that background information matters, with Couchgate and with everything that we see in the news.

Kellyanne Conway was seated¬†that way¬†in order to take a picture. She wasn’t “disrespecting the Office of the President,” as many lay observers on social media quickly pointed out, and there’s no reason for the outrage engendered by many.

Of course, if this business with Mrs. Conway truly shakes you to the core, there are bigger fish to fry. In the case that you find yourself unable to let go of this incident, I may have a solution. I suggest a video by Prager University, presented by Dr. Stephen Marmer, that may soothe your anger. This is the kind of issue, especially when the so-called perpetrator is a national figure, that really one really ought to let go.


For the sake of our country and your sanity, I hope this helps.

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