On April 10, two college students were at a local coffee shop called Fusion Brew in Normal, Illinois doing homework. Both of them were interrupted and verbally abused for their laptop stickers. Illinois State student Delainey Trost had a multitude of College Republican stickers, Turning Point USA stickers, and Donald Trump stickers on. Faith Villapiano, also an Illinois State student, had three stickers on her laptop. One was a #DrainTheSwamp sticker, a Republican elephant sticker, and a #Confirm Gorsuch sticker.

Illinois State students Delainey Trost and Faith Villapiano at Fusion Brew in Normal, Illinois before the incident took place.
Villapiano’s laptop stickers

Sexual Assault Advocates Accusation

The woman who verbally abused Trost and Villapiano accused both of them of being advocates for sexual assault. This was a response to the Trump tapes that were released on October 7, 2016, roughly one month before the election. Tom Arnold also said he had more tapes of Trump saying vulgar things during Apprentice outtakes in December 2016. Accusing both students of advocating for sexual assault makes no sense whatsoever. Trost even took the lead in bringing sexual assault survivor Kimberly Corban to speak at Illinois State last month. Several students in the Illinois State chapter of TPUSA, including Villapiano, endlessly promoted the event. Ironically, both students were told that they needed an education while they were doing homework at a coffee shop.

Recent Events in Syria

One other hot topic lately has been the bombings in Syria in response to Assad’s use of chemical weapons. Trost and Villapiano were accused of supporting Trump’s actions in Syria. However, both of them think it was a bad idea but liked that Trump would follow through on his red line stance. Villapiano has stated on her twitter that since we weren’t attacked we should not have bombed them. The exchange ended with Trost and Villapiano being told to go do research. They replied that they were studying until she came up to them and accused them of advocating for sexual assault.

Below are the tweets with videos of part of the exchange.

Lack of Tolerance Strikes Again

Trost and Villapiano were accused of having white privilege and their stances on several issues were assumed before the conversation even began. Both of them were told that they will never understand what it’s like to be oppressed. Once again, we have seen a lack of tolerance toward other opinions. It is also concerning that students are unable to go to a coffee shop to do homework without being interrupted because of their laptop stickers.

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