Congressman and Civil Rights icon John Lewis says he will not attend the inauguration of President Elect Donald Trump.  In an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd he said he does not see President Trump as a legitimate President because of involvement of the Russians in the election.

Congressman Lewis alleged a conspiracy on behalf of the Russians to get Donald Trump elected and destroy the campaign of Hillary Clinton.

Watch the video here:

This is a major even considering the weight that Congressman Lewis carries with him.  The words “not legitimate’ come with a lot of force, especially when spoken by elected members of the congress.  This could give cover to many in the anti-Trump crowd to start using the same language when referring to this President during his time in office.

Inauguration Day is just around the corner and I am sure we will hear many in the streets challenging the legitimacy of President Trump and unfortunately we are now hearing that same rhetoric for respected members of congress.

This could lead to a dangerous division in our country where people stop recognizing the authority of individuals in the office simply because the candidate they didn’t chose happens to win.

Inauguration is January 20th.  Congressman Lewis and several other Democrats will not be in attendance.

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  1. Well that’s like saying the black man will never amount to anything in this country because he hasn’t done anything with his freedom in over 150 years but expect handouts from the government. Sounds pretty silly don’t it. What made Obama legit? Certainly not the short years in a corrupted Illinois political system.

  2. obviously our digital security is compromised if this indeed happend that the elections were manipulated. it does not surprise me because even our private information is being sold on line and we are being monitored by various groups. Many areas remain a mystery and its difficult knowing who is telling the truth. the fact is that he won by the electoral process. Thats the problem. President Trump keeps stating that. Hes right. this process was implemented a long time ago and is archaic and needs to be updated. the popular votes really do not count unless the electors agree. So protesters are protesting not realizing that the electoral process voted him in on December 16 that is the date they are voting for the president. President Trump has not been groomed for the position as others and does not have many political ties in Washington as Hilary or Mr. obama. Yet, I believe he will adjust quickly. He is learning quickly. those who do not adjust or do not perform as necessary will either quit or be fired. He is determined to get the job done make a difference and bring back economic stability and keep the middle class. We have a severe unequal wealth distribution. President is not politically savvy and is direct and tells is like it is. I can understand why he is so upset at the press. they are making things worse and distracting many things from the target focus to be done. Mr. obama did ok by making health care supposedly affordable. Yet, he made it mandatory and imposed fines to people who cannot even afford health care if they do not have health care. In my opinion it should be national health care and free. Not in the market for profit. Is it a right or privilege. Greed is very high and education is very expensive. So is education a right or privilege? If we can answer that then its solved. More than half a million dollars to train a physician and severe testing to select a few medical students by universities and they make if difficult to be a physician. 12 years is a long time to train a doctor. Our credit now is being used to evaluate people for employment and insurance coverage. Our information should be more protected and our option to opt in. the clerk of courts should not be able to sell our information without our permission. There is no perfect human. Our mortgage notes being sold on the stock market at lower prices yet, the person owing still owes the same amount they borrowed at the beginning. going to court battle is very expensive and timely. the middle class cannot even afford it. Toll booths being replaced by sunpass and mandatory tolls done without our permission. mandatory no fault insurance states that require insurance to drive and some people cannot afford insurance cannot drive. So class distinction is on its way again. History is repeating itself. Yes, we need workers that will pick a crop. will american people do hard labor and be paid fairly for it. The immigrants were doing it and getting 50 cents per hour. So what is the balance. we have plenty of land here in the us. universities that receive money from the government for students should provide an internship that is related to their field and job placement mandatory. A non for profit organization salaries for the administration should be capped and the workers paid fair wages and benefits. That is not happening with goodwill industries. Law suit fees and attorney fees and settlement needs to be capped with a public county school district. This drains the budget. The attorney fees consultations, and lawsuits. This drives up costs. oh well. I have to believe president Trump will make an impact and bring the middle class into economic stability.


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