The issue of religious freedom is perhaps more relevant now than ever from teachers being forbidden from having religious objects in classrooms to Christians being persecuted in the Middle East by ISIS.

However, the general opinion surrounding religious freedom is consistently changing and also varies dramatically from college campuses to the White House.

Students at University of Wisconsin-Madison seem to have quite a flawed opinion of religious freedom in the United States. In a recent video released by Alliance Defending Freedom, college students are shown stating that a Muslim singer shouldn’t be required to perform in a Christian wedding but that a Christian photographer should be forced to offer their services to an LGBT wedding because it’s “fair”.

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One student said:

“I think it’s very difficult to determine what reason it is that you’d make that decision unless you’re very steadfast in your religion, in which case you’re a jerk for doing that.”

“If it was switched to Christian views, then they shouldn’t be able to do that,” a different student said. “I just think it should be … fair.”

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Watch the video below:

What do you think about college students prioritizing Muslims’ religious freedom over Christians’ religious freedom? Let us know in the comments below!

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