San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick found himself in a storm of controversy throughout last season when he decided to kneel, rather than stand during the national anthem before each game. The reason for not standing, he said, was because he wanted to make a point about continued racial injustice in this nation.

The now free agent athlete says that he will not continue this tradition into next season.

He has reportedly stated that this decision stems from the conversation which has been generated in response to his actions. His protests have sparked a number of similar protests taken by NFL and NBA players especially.

This week, he opted of his current contract with San Francisco, thus making him a free agent. It is unclear how his protests impact his market value. There are certainly cases to be made that teams may be willing to take on a relatively controversial likely backup quarterback. Or others may see his addition as having the potential to drive increased media attention, which may be substantial for some smaller market teams.

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Some have criticized this announcement as meaning he is looking to be an “easier” pickup for teams moving forward, as to avoid future distractions. It certainly can raise this question as it coincides with opting out of his current contract.

On top of these protests, Kaepernick has donated over $1 million over the past year or so to multiple causes to help alleviate racial injustice and issues in America. He has also launched the “Know Your Rights” campaign helping to educate children about their rights.

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