CNN contributor and progressive activist Sally Kohn believes free speech advocacy is an excuse for attacking progressive ideas and multiculturalism.

Speaking at a debate on Friday at the University of Missouri (MU) vs CNN contributor Kirsten Powers, Kohn used the opportunity to claim “free speech” advocates are really just trying to give cover for regressive, anti-diversity views.

“Feelings are valid,” said, Kohn. “I’m never going to argue with people’s feelings.” Kohn added it’s a good thing if conservatives feel unable to express their views for fear of encountering hostility from their peers or professors.

The Daily Caller reports:

Kohn repeatedly attacked the “Koch-funded” Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), a non-profit that has made a name for itself aggressively defending free speech rights for both professors and students. FIRE, she said, is simply part of a “broad conservative agenda” to protect conservative views, using free speech as a smokescreen.

Kohn also argued that disruptive protests, such as those aiming to prevent a controversial guest from speaking, are a form of free speech themselves.

After Powers argued that speech should be protected, Kohn countered by saying Powers failed to recognize her “white privilege.” claiming that poor and non-white communities handle opposing views different than middle or upper-class whites.

“If [Conservatives] feel like they can no longer speak against positive social change, good.” Kohn stated.

This is despite what she has tweeted in the past by claiming she belongs to the party that listens to people.

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(H/T: Daily Caller)

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