Recently a school district in Georgia asked teachers and staff to remove Christian religious material from school property, now in another school district in Arkansas Christian music is being banned from school buses. A school bus driver for the Siloam Springs School District in Arkansas has been advised not to play a Christian radio station while it transports children.

A complaint was filed by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Wisconsin that educates the public on matters relating to atheism, agnosticism, and nontheism. The FFRF was contacted by one of the students parents who did not want their child to listen to that radio station while on the bus. “Students on the bus are a captive audience and cannot avoid listening to broadcasts that the driver selects,” the FFRF attorney wrote. “Given the content of the programming and its proselytizing nature, young and impressionable students cannot be forced to listen to such programs.”

“We understand that the students on the bus are in a contained situation and under the establishment clause we’re supposed to be religiously neutral,” Superintendent Ken Ramey said. “So, we see this as a verifiable incident that can be corrected.”

Ramey also said that the bus driver has been informed and that this is no longer an issue saying that the driver meant no harm. “We’ll just simply be educating our people, bring it to the conscious level,” Ramey said. “Just really good people who have no intent to promote religion, it’s just who they are.”

Starnes reported that the bus driver was listening to radio station KLRC – owned by John Brown University. “One of KLRC’s main purpose is to ‘share hope in Christ,’” FFRF attorney Patrick Elliott wrote in a letter to the district.

“KLRC collects school supplies for needy children, helps kids deliver Valentines to home-bound senior citizens and they collect thousands of diapers to help disadvantaged moms. And they also encourage their listeners to engage in random acts of kindness — a concept that is no doubt lost on the Freedom From Religion crowd,” reported Starnes.

Jerry Johnson, president of National Religious Broadcasters, spoke with Starnes about the issue stating that, “The undeniable spread of limitations on free speech — this time listening to Christian speech on Christian radio — should be a matter of growing concern for a nation founded on free speech and religious liberty.”

If a radio station that asks its listeners to engage in good deeds and respectful behavior while promoting hope in Jesus Christ is silenced yet the radio station with vulgar language that speaks about and promotes secular cultural issues isn’t what are we to expect from our nation and its people?

What do you think about the school district not allowing the school bus to continue to play the Christian radio station? Let us know!

(H/T – Fox News)

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