Following the passing of both Carrie Fisher, who died just days after suffering a heart attack at age 60, and her mother Debbie Reynolds, who passed away one day after her daughters death, several celebrities and fans posted heartwarming messages and offered support.

Charlie Sheen, on the other hand, posted a stunning and slightly aggressive tweet aimed at President-elect Donald Trump, instead:

“Dear God; Trump next, please! Trump next, please! Trump next, please! Trump next, please! Trump next, please! Trump next, please!” — @CharlieSheen

Sheen ends the above tweet with a middle finger emoji.

In his failed attempt to express frustration surrounding the many iconic celebrity deaths in 2016, Sheen, instead of offering condolences to the family members and friends of Fisher and Reynolds, begged God repeatedly to take Trump next.

CNN anchor Jack Tapper criticized Sheen’s tactic when he commented, “What is wrong with people? Just stop. It’s not cute or funny.” Other Twitter users have expressed disgust over the comments. Some even tagged the website’s CEO Jack Dorsey on Sheen’s post, asking why comments begging for someones death remain on the site, while other tweets have been removed for smaller infractions.

Just months ago, Twitter permanently banned the prominent conservative Milo Yiannopoulos as a result of alleged racist abuse targeted at “Ghostbusters” actress Leslie Jones. Yiannopoulos gave a poor review of the remade “Ghostbusters” film, and tweeted that she looked like a “dude.” Following his comments, several Twitter accounts posted hateful tweets to Jones, leading her to contact CEO Dorsey, in hopes to get Milo banned. The Twitter team concluded that Yiannopoulos’ comments violated rules regarding “targeted abuse”, and deactivated his Twitter account permanently.

How is it that Charlie Sheen praying and begging for the death of our next President does not infringe Twitter’s “targeted abuse” rule, but critiquing a film and saying someone looks like the opposite gender will have you removed permanently? Are movie critiques not allowed anymore because they hurt feelings? Are people not allowed to observe how somebody looks in relation to their gender? Oh right, gender is non-binary, now. It’s 2016.

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  1. What a shallow analysis of a humble christian turning to his faith for spiritual intervention. Charlie Sheen, with great humility, is praying to God to mercifully hasten the 45th president’s life for compassionate and altruistic reasons.

    Quite obviously, this hopeful prayer to our almighty savior is Sheen’s effort to protect the legacy of our beloved Trump. Hoping avoid his almost daily rants that result in nothing more than self-inflicted humiliation, I believe Charlie admires our leader for their mutual admiration of and “voracious appetite for the ladies”, pee, and other deviant sexual acts much too tawdry to mention here.

    They both share in common the fact that inheriting a lifelong certainty of affluence since their birth doesn’t ensure one’s good taste as their shared affinity for gaudy opulence suggests; and it in no way hindered their ability to continually underachieve and fail miserably on so many levels as people.

    There lives closely resemble each another in many regards as they both enjoy felching and share an quenching desire to recycle others as well as their own bodily fluids. The need for excessive sexual gratification is no bashful hidden compartment of their being, but instead has become a hallmark or by their own intention, an expression of virility that accentuates the Trump/Sheen brand recognition. Their whole early life experience involved being over-protected by their fathers and surely bullied by others. This, in turn, has turned these men into bullies themselves. Their delusions of how important they think they are just magnifies how truly unimportant and marginal they are.

    Charlie knows this and genuinely wants to spare Donald that realization with a hopeful prayer. When Donald realizes that President Bannon and Vice President Ivanka running things and are wearing the pants (and he wears no clothes), he will implode and feel like he is being peed on just like the Russian prostitutes did to him at his request at the Ritz Carlton. I have to give it to him that trying to act like just because he acted upset the Obama’s stayed in the penthouse there previously he convinced these barely legal Russians that a golden shower was in order. I am sure he felt like a proud, evil genius.

    Charlie supports Trump but understands man that he is barely a man and has clearly lost his faculties long ago and is heard saying, “Ivanka, how much did General Flynn and Penn or Teller and his team raise for his charity on The Apprentice?

    I didn’t notice him nodding in unison when I was talking to him or saying yes to everything I ask for, so, therefore, shall I say there has been a loss of trust. General Flynn, You’re fired!

    I have selected Omarosa Manigault as our new National Security Advisor since she kind of resembles Condie Rice, but I’m not racist for saying so.


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