Saint Louis University (SLU) is a Catholic university in St. Louis, Missouri. As a Catholic university, it has to adhere to Catholic teachings, including in the way it runs its wellness center. Like other Catholic schools, such as Loyola and DePaul, the wellness center does not prescribe birth control, unless it is for non-contraceptive purposes. In order to maintain the ability to call itself “Catholic”, the school has to follow this rule, along with many others.

Yet, the student government at SLU recently passed a resolution in support of more access to birth control through the school. According to an article in the student newspaper,

The SGA passed a resolution Wednesday  [April 5] recommending that the Student Health Center increase student access to birth control.

The bill’s intent and purpose reads: “To recommend to University leadership that the code and conduct of the Student Health Center be amended to allow for the prescription of birth control, per any request, and not solely for “anti-ovulatory” purposes.” The SGA will have no authority to enforce the suggested changes. Rather, they will approach SLU administrators with the resolution, who will then be given a month to respond. “This is a resolution. It’s more like a suggestion,” said Senator Luella Loseille.”

The school has already stated they will not be providing birth control as the SGA requests because it goes against Church teaching. This is a similar situation to what happened a few years ago at DePaul University. Students made an effort to push for free contraception on campus, including giving resident assistants condoms to hand out to students, knowing full well the school would not support it. You can read more about those efforts here.

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