Since running for President in the Republican primary, Carly Fiorina was briefly Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s running mate, she considered running for RNC Chair, and she now appears to be very seriously considering a run against the former running mate of Hillary Clinton, Sen. Tim Kaine.

Kaine is currently in his first term in the US Senate; however, his experience in Virginia politics is more substantial than just that. He was also a one term Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and was the Mayor of Richmond, Lieutenant Governor, and was the Chairman of the DNC.

It is always difficult to challenge an incumbent US Senator, especially one with the significant statewide experience that Kaine has; however, Fiorina has certainly developed a national brand which may provide the best opportunity for the Virginia Republican Party to win against Kaine.

In an interview with the “John Fredericks Show” in Virginia, Fiorina was asked about any potential intentions to take on Kaine. Fredericks asked because it has been reported that Fiorina has been attending a number of local events in Virginia, something which certainly represents actions of a potential statewide candidate.

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When asked if she did plan on running Fiorina explained, “Well, I don’t know yet,” adding, “Look, I’m certainly looking at that opportunity.”

She also went on to make clear that the decision does not need to come immediately, saying “We’re two weeks into a new administration.”

Although it is certainly true that the previous election cycle seemingly just came to an end, that has not stopped many seeking prominent ofices across the country from already deciding on their intentions. Yesterday Chris Kennedy launched his campaign against incumbent Governor Bruce Rauner, while Kelli Ward has already announced she will be running against incumbent Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona.

Should Fiorina decide to run against Kaine, there certainly will be a national spotlight on the race. As the 2018 Senate map already appears rather favorably for Republicans, the chance to take a seat in a state which was overwhelmingly run by Hillary Clinton is something which will certainly garner national attention.

What do you think of this possibility? Could Carly Fiorina win in a race against Tim Kaine in Virginia? If not, does she have any other options to stay involved in politics in the future? Let HYPELINE News know what you think in the comments!

(h/t The Hill)

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