And so, the war on men wages on.

Students at the University of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada had the opportunity to partake in a weeklong Man Up Against Violence program where they had the opportunity to confess incidents of “hypermasculinity”.

Here’s a description of the booth:

Meet up with [University of Regina Students’ Union] members and make a confession. We have all reinforced hypermasculinity one way or another regardless of our gender! … Come and share your sins so we can begin to discuss how to identify and change our ways!!!

According to Man Up Against Violence’s website:

Man Up Against Violence will raise awareness around healthy masculinity and provide opportunities for education with a goal of increasing involvement of men in the cause. With the support of male advocates, Man Up Against Violence will continue to challenge the damaging effects of socialized hypermasculinity ergo reducing violence in our communities.

Watch the following video of the Man Up Against Violence event at the University of Regina:

The website cites their core values as “integrity, advocacy, inclusion, respect, education, and collaboration.”

Apparently — according to liberals — alleged “hypermasculinity” is the root of violence in our society, so in this strange social experiment, the left hopes to make men more feminine in response? The project literally seeks “to redefine what it means to be a man”.

What do you think about the “masculinity confession booth”? Let us know in the comments below!

(H/T The Washington Post)

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