On Friday, the California Energy Commission took the next step to implement significant regulations of computers and computer monitors. The regulations if fully implemented, will be the first of its kind in the United States.

The Commission claims that the new efficiency standards will in fact save Californians $373 million each year once they are fully in place. This would come as a result of the increased efficiency in the monitors and computers.

The National Resources Defense Council has claimed that this regulation would in fact cut greenhouse gas emissions by 700,000 tons every year. About 3% of residential electric usage can be attributed to computers every year in the State of California.

The standards are set to begin phasing in during January of 2019, this would apply to desktops as well as notebooks. The full implementation of the regulations is set to begin during July of the same year.

Official adoption of the initiative would require approval of the five person board of the California Energy Commission, this could come as early as November of this year.

It should come as no surprise that it is California being the first to advance this measure, as the state has been notorious for its environmental regulations. Advocates for increased environmental regulations point to what they deem to be their successes, as California has the lowest per capita electricity usage rate in the nation.

(h/t Yahoo News)

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