California lawmakers are pushing to grant Obamacare to illegal immigrants. Using the “innovation” waiver of Obamacare, Democratic legislators want President Barack Obama to allow illegal immigrants to buy healthcare.

California’s Democratic delegation sent a letter to the Obama administration asking for an exemption from a 2010 ban on illegal immigrants’ participation in the healthcare exchange. The lawmakers claim the change wouldn’t be federally subsidized.


“We know that 72 percent of our California families come from mixed status households, meaning  wither one or two people in your family are undocumented,” State Sen. Ricardo Lara said in a press conference. “This creates a significant problem when your currently registering for the Affordable Care Act, because we see time and time again, when you can’t enroll the entire family, the entire family leaves without enrolling anyone.”

The Washington Times reports:

The California plan is poised to be the first major test for President Obama and his waiver authority. The White House is not tipping its hand, saying it will wait to see an official proposal.

Waivers were written into Section 1332 of the Affordable Care Act as a way to let states experiment on whether they could provide the same level of coverage without having to follow all of the law’s strict rules. The waivers don’t take effect until next year because the law’s authors wanted to force states to play by the rules at first.

Republican members of California’s House delegation strongly object to the plan, claiming that once illegal immigrants are able to access programs afforded to U.S. citizens, it will only be a matter of time before they push to be federally subsidized.


(H/T: Washington Times)

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