Theresa May, Prime Minister of Great Britain, has committed to placing a Brexit deal in front of both the Houses of the United Kingdom’s Parliament, as outlined in her strategy to extract Great Britain from the European Union.

May stated that once a final exit deal from the European Union was negotiated, it would be placed in front of both the House of Commons and the House of Lords to be approved.

The Prime Minister gave confirmation that Britain would leave the European Union’s single market for open trade. She also made clear that her main goal for leaving would be to take back control over immigration and lawmaking from EU, and that leaving the single market was a result of that action. She claims Britain will not be ‘half-in and half-out’.

She stated that work would be done to negotiate an arrangement to replace some provisions from the EU customs union, saying that such a deal would amount to an ‘associatere membership’.

Theresa May is a member of Great Britain’s Conservative Party and was sworn in as the British Prime Minister in July 2016. PC: Toronto Star

May also warned other nations that are members of the EU are not to seek a ‘punitive’ deal for Britain in an attempt to send a message to those also tempted to leave. Such a move would be a “calamitous act of self-harm,” she said.

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(H/T: CNN)

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