Throughout the campaign, the issue of Donald Trump releasing his tax returns was constantly brought up. Many people took issue with the fact that the billionaire real estate mogul would not release this information, something which has become a common practice for Presidential candidates.

However it is true, that there has not been a candidate for a very long time who has amassed wealth to the extent that Trump has been able to. Nonetheless though, questions have been constantly brought up, as questions have been asked regarding potential business conflicts, how much money he actually makes, how much he pays in taxes, etc..

It now appears though that at least some of this information will now appear to the public. MSBC’s Rachel Maddow took to Twitter to reveal that the station has information regarding Trump’s returns.

The form which she claims to have, the 1040, is a standard tax form which would reveal basic information which can be found on his tax returns — it is important to note that this information is from 2005…well before the recent Presidential campaign. However, this surely doesn’t change the validity of the information contained though, assuming it’s true.

With Wikileaks playing such a substantial role in this past election, largely hurting Hillary Clinton, it is interesting to see the dynamics of leaks now change. There are many of the same issues at play with Trump’s private tax returns now being released.

We asked a tax expert, Chicago based attorney and author Steven Leahy, about the potential of these returns being released.

Leahy told HYPELINE News,

“The 1040 is basically just a standard tax return form. If this is released, it is a felony for anybody to release this information of somebody else. I wouldn’t expect too much to come of it.”

Of course though, there’s always a chance that surprising information could be present, which may make this into a bigger deal than expected.

What do you think? Is it good that this information will be released? Let HYPELINE News know what you think in the comments!

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