In California, college protesters at the University of California-Irvine recently staged a “Blue Lives Don’t Matter” protest in an attempt to remove police officers from campus.

According to the university’s website, the event was designed to “bring together leading scholars and innovative practitioners to define the problem, identify challenges, and discuss possible solutions to [police brutality.]”

Campus Reform reports:

Protesters held blood-spattered signs that said “Blue Lives Don’t Matter,” “Police Kill the Mentally Ill,” and “Fuck the Police.” In a video obtained by Campus Reform, protesters can be heard chanting “Rise up, resist, put those killer cops in jail, the whole damn system is guilty as hell,” as they marched around campus.

Additionally, Black Student Union activists called for their peers to sign a petition demanding that UC Irvine ban the campus police department. Protesters also called for the immediate firing of LAPD Chief Beck on the grounds of “police brutality.”

“This protest was misguided and ignorant in every sense of the word,” Robert Petrosyan, Chairman Emeritus of the UCI College Republicans, told Campus Reform. “The Black Student Union protested an event held in response to their own concern about police brutality, and provided a real opportunity for direct dialogue with the police. However, what this event demonstrated was that dialogue was not what they wanted.”

“They openly advocate to ban the police at UC Irvine despite the fact that there was no case of police brutality on campus that they could point to, and they perpetuate myths of the Black Lives Matter movement that only lead to more trouble for those living in those neighborhoods,” Petrosyan continued. “Black Lives do matter, as do Blue Lives and all lives. And when people die as a result of riots, looting, or under-policing coming from the black lives matter movement, those lives matter too.”

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(H/T: Campus Reform)

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  1. Gee, so you pay for your kids college education only to have them get dumber… misguided anger. When black lives start to matter in black neighborhoods and “black on black” violence kills less than the police, we can maybe have a dialogue. So sad where this country is headed.


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