A Black Lives Matter supporter spoke in front of an enthusiastic crowd about killing people last weekend in Seattle, Washington.

The activist, donning a jacket with “Black Lives Matter” emblazoned on it, called for fellow activists to “kill the White House” and ordered white people to “Give your f***ing money, your f***ing house, your f***ing property,” with passionate support from those in front of her.

The entire video can be seen below: Major language warning!

According to the Daily Caller, the woman who made these inflammatory comments is a teacher, although the school at which she teaches is unknown.

At this point, there has been no word from the Black Lives Matter organization condemning her actions.

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Mark Jennings is a student at the University of Arizona. He has a passion for politics and political leadership and has attended conferences with Turning Point USA, the American Conservative Union and the Jeff Utsch Foundation. Mark is also the secretary and a founding member of Turning Point USA at the University of Arizona.


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