Berkeley Braces for Ann Coulter


Despite being more than a month away, officials at the University of California, Berkeley are already bracing themselves for the visit of Ann Coulter.

The school is looking to avoid a repeat incident of this past January when they were forced to cancel a scheduled talk by controversial right-wing speaker Milo Yiannopoulos after protestors broke windows and started a fire outside of the scheduled event.

Coulter, known for her off the rails conservatism, is scheduled to speak at an event on April 27th where she will talk about immigration. Critics of Coulter claim her views are ignorant and racist so the school is doing everything it can to prevent any violent incidents from the backlash.

The event is being organized by the nonpartisan student political organization Bridgecal. The organizations president Pranav Jandahyala spoke on the issue of security and said, “This time we are definitely going to push them to provide more security than they did last time. More officers on the ground instead of in the balcony.”

Jandahyala went on to say, “We are pretty apprehensive about everything. But at the same time, what’s pushing us forward is our optimism. I truly believe we can put on a great event.”

Skeptics are worried the event will bring nothing but hate and bigotry but Jandahyala has a bit more optimism. Bridgecal has decided to include a question and answer segment during Coulters talk and Jandahyala hopes this may be a chance for the community to collectively learn and grow. “What I challenge you to do is actually confront her. If she comes to speak on campus and there’s no challenge to her viewpoint and people resort to violence and maybe she doesn’t speak, her views go unchallenged.”

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