Alpha Kappa Delta Phi sorority at the University of Iowa recently hosted an event addressing “racism in asian communities.” The event discussed Asians being a “model minority group,” which is now deemed racist. As well as, the prevalence of intragroup racism within the Asian community.

The event description states, “What drives racism in Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities? Why are skin-lightening products so prevalent in Asia? Who are we allowed to date? How can I become an ally for other minority groups?”

It is not clear what being a “model minority” group means. Perhaps, it is that they are very well educated or that they have extremely high levels of income or low rates of incarceration and low drug and alcohol usage. Although, many would see this as a privelege group, the social justice left has decided that they are another victim group.

One member of the sorority stated this about racism,

“It’s quite likely that many of you, before you came to the University of Iowa, maybe that you had very little sense of your parent or parents being racist,” Liu said. “You didn’t have a conceptualization of it because you’re in it. There’s no dissonance. Then you come to the university, there’s lots of people, you take classes, and what happens in those classes is you start to learn how to talk about things differently.”

The goal of the event was to show that racism occurs even within your own ethnic group and if you are a privileged group.

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(H/t Daily Iowan)


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