Today, it seems as if celebrities have become more and more accustomed to giving extremely one sided political speeches at the podium for award shows, especially in regards to electoral happenings. This past presidential election was certainly a decisive one, since the election and before, actors, singers, etc. have all seemed to be more than willing to use the stage of an awards show to push their own political agenda.

This certainly is not groundbreaking, nor should it necessarily be frowned upon. However, with the growing frequency of using partisan, oftentimes hostile talking points, instead of advancing new ideas, these speeches seem to very rarely have an impact on one’s previous beliefs. While observers would expect these Hollywood millionaire celebrities to at least attempt to appeal to average Americans, it has thus far appeared as if that is certainly not the case.

But there is one celebrity now who appears to be using his platform to be combatting a very real issue which unfortunately does not get much air time. Actor Ashton Kutcher recently spoke to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to discuss initiatives to end human trafficking.

This is certainly a much more tactile way to advocate for what he believes in, as it is something which is very widely agreed upon, yet there are very few who make this a central issue to combat. Watch the video below to see what Kutcher had to say to Congress. Be sure to let HYPELINE News know what you think in the comments!


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Jake Leahy is a Staff Writer for Hypeline News, frequent contributor on 560 the Answer in Chicago, and a student at Deerfield High School (IL). Follow him on Twitter @jakealeahy.


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