Arkansas Act 45, signed by Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson last Thursday, bans dilation and evacuation abortions, the most common abortion procedure during the second trimester of pregnancy.

This legislation effectively blocks abortions after 14 weeks by making the procedure a felony. The previous abortion banned abortions after 20 weeks.

The bill’s co-sponsor, Arkansas Rep. Andy Mayberry, called the process “gruesome, a barbaric procedure” during the bill’s introduction, adding procedure “is one that no civilized society should embrace.”

Sen. David Sanders, a co-sponsor of the bill who testified that the procedure is horrifying to watch stating:

“You see a baby, an unborn life, a fetus, engaging in fight or flight reaction to the forceps going into the womb, trying to remove an arm, remove a leg,”

The legislation includes a clause that allows a woman’s spouse or parent to sue an abortion provide. It in turn also allows for the possibility of the unborn child’s father to veto the abortion. This law could go into effect as early as spring 2017.

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