We talked not too long ago about Google’s excellent decision in building support into the phone itself. The Google Pixel is an excellent device, in almost every aspect (It has a headphone jack too!).

The support on the Pixel allows a user to call or chat with Google support 24/7. Now Apple is quietly following suit with a support app that sneakily launched on the App Store.

The catch? Right now its only available on the Dutch App Store. Yeah. Dutch. That means no US users can get the app as of the time of writing this article.

The app is different from Apple’s conventional approach to support, which currently is “just bring it to an Apple store.” It appears here that the goal, like Google’s, is to reduce trips to the Apple store when something minor goes wrong with a user’s iDevice.

The app includes FAQs for common issues that users can read for their iPhone, but the app also includes help for iPads and Macs too! When you open the app, you find a list of Apple devices you own, as well as support articles for each device.

Apple was also kind enough to include a live chat feature, so you can get live help if you cant solve your problem through the conveniently offered help articles.

Also, if chatting isn’t really your forte, then you can schedule a call with an agent so you can get help without the textual barrier.

Finally, if chat and phone support leave you with unsolved problems, the app will help you schedule an appointment at your nearest Apple Store.

While the app is only offered currently in select areas, it is presumed that it will be made available everywhere sometime soon, and will likely be pre-loaded on future iPhones. In case you happen to be Dutch, you can get the app for yourself here!

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know below!

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