Apple was recently granted a patent for an iPhone that can fold in half.  This design is aimed to fold in order to clip to an owners clothing, avoiding the problem of trying to fit a large device into small pockets.

In the past, Apple has filed for patents that never actually materialized, but the patent does prove that they have at least made an attempt to develop such technology.

The tech giant filed for a “flexible display devices” patent back in July of 2014, which describes a touchscreen smartphone that folds in the middle.

apple patent folding screen

The patent explains that screens with a flexible OLED display could bend forward or backward, with additional hinges also used.

In early November, Apple was granted its first patent for a flip phone, which used “carbon nanotubes” to bend at the center instead of a flexible screen.  The patent also mentioned other flexible parts that could withstand bending, warping, or dropping a smart device.

(H/T:  CNN Money)

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