Michigan Congressman Justin Amash has created a national profile, largely based off of his libertarian positions and his dedication to not just voting, but for providing a reason on Facebook for every vote he takes. After 4,289 votes during his tenure in Congress since 2011, Amash finally missed his first vote in the United States House of Representatives.

During the vote, he was speaking to the media, answering questions about the new Republican healthcare bill. Politico reported that after realizing he had missed a Roll Call, Amash broke into tears.

After realizing this, he took to Twitter with a very simple message, to express his apologies for what he had done.


Besides never having missed a vote, Amash also takes to Facebook to explain every vote he takes. It is widely accepted that he is the only member of Congress in either chamber who provides this reasoning to his constituents.

Recently, as Republican members of Congress have avoided townhalls, Amash has embraced hosting large townhalls with constituents. The Michigan Congressman is certainly in an situation, as he is among the most conservative members of Congress, however he has long been a “never Trumper.”

Now, it is Arkansas Representative Steve Womack who holds the record for most consecutive votes case. He was sworn in just a day after Amash was, he has now voted on 4,294 measures in a row. As soon as the news broke, Womack capitalized on the situation.

“I have been sent to Washington by Third District Arkansans to make sure their voices are heard; voting is fundamental to that duty,” In the statement he added, “I am humbled by the opportunity to serve my constituents and thank God that no personal hardships have kept me from representing them on a single vote since taking office.”

What do you think? Should members of Congress make more of an effort to make sure they are not missing votes? Let HYPELINE News know what you think in the comments!

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