Although the meaning of the term “Alt-Right” has not been made clear by media outlets, they have no problem calling any anti-establishment conservative “Alt-Right.” The media and the Left have used the term so much, that a few anti-establishment conservatives have even embraced the label. Everyone should stop saying the term Alt-Right…it’s pronounced Nazi.

The term “Alt-Right” is a made-up term to describe the political ideology of Richard Spencer, a white national supremacist.

It was not made up by any respected political figure in the Republican Party or the Liberty movement in general. It is the self-proscribed label of a white nationalist that calls for a white homeland and “peaceful ethnic cleansing.” He is in no way a conservative thinker. Not only has he rejected the conservative movement, but he is also an advocate of single payer healthcare. He is a white supremacist, nationalist, and a socialist. Otherwise known as, a Nazi.

The term “Alt-Right” was never intended to represent voters on the right who reject mainstream Republican political figures.

The phrase Alt-Right was intended to normalize a Nazi.

Which is easier to say in public? Alt-Right or Nazi? Which is associated with committing perhaps the worst act of genocide known to man? Hint: it’s not the one Richard Spencer made up.

As conservatives or libertarians, it’s important to reject the term Alt-Right because that does not describe our values or policy. We do not support white supremacy, single-payer health care, or an Ethno-State. If you believe in limited government, free market capitalism, Originalist interpretation of the Constitution, and liberty, then you are not Alt-Right.

Everyone should stop saying the term Alt-Right…it’s pronounced Nazi.

If conservatives continue to allow the use of the term Alt-Right, not only are you giving Nazis a platform, but you are also encouraging the association of Nazis with well-meaning conservatives. The term Alt-Right takes the weight of Nazis and places it on the backs of everyone center right. Call Richard and his friends what they are, Nazis.

credit: The Atlantic

As a progressive or member of the Democrat party, you should be fighting the term Alt-Right even harder than conservatives. Why would the left ever want to normalize a Nazi? By calling Nazis “Alt-Right” you are giving them a platform. Who would dare show up to see a Nazi speak?

Now, who would be unafraid to go see an Alt-Right speaker? It’s much easier to criticize a Nazi. If you hate Nazis so much, then stop calling them “Alt-Right” and start calling them what they actually are: Nazis.

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