A young woman who was bullied throughout her teenage years has found a way to soften the lunchtime woes by leveraging her technology skills. The Daily News reports that California teen, Natalie Hampton, has created an app that highlights everything good in the world right now.

The Sit With Us app harnesses the power of social media, allowing student users to coordinate lunches with others, incorporating features like a messenger tool, the ability to add an event, and create a personal profile.  These students can take kindness and inclusion one step further by becoming Ambassadors for their school and posting lunch events on campus.

With this ingenious app, no one eats alone.


In an interview with The Daily News, Natalie says that “I want to use social media, which can be harmful, and use it for a change and to do something good.” A victim of bullying, Hampton recalls vivid memories of harsh words and taunting gestures from her classmates. But sitting alone at lunch, or worse, having no place to sit at all, is perhaps the worst feeling in the world.

We’ve all been there: school schedules are delivered and you immediately start texting your friends to ask what lunch period they have, hoping that you won’t have to fly solo in fourth period.  Slowly fear, and a specific Mean Girls scene, comes to mind.

Social media has made bullying efforts a cinch.  Now, students are using technology to easily abuse their classmates and the effects are detrimental.  We continue to study the long-term effects that technology overload has forced on our younger generations- the lack of social skills, less desire for physical activity, and succumbing to a virtual reality.  While most of these points are valid, social media is beginning to become a platform for kindness and generosity.  And it’s awesome!

This app would work wonders on college campuses, as well. Sit With Us is an invaluable resource for incoming freshmen who have not found their niche and an easy solution for students who’s class schedules make it hard to find a group who will eat together every day.  When eating alone terrifies you, simply log on to this app, find a posted event, and join.

Do you want to help promote kindness in your school?  Start a chapter now.  So, what was all that about technology and social media ruining our social skills?  Yeah, not so much …today, at least.


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