Weekends are a time to reflect and reset for the week ahead. Instead of spending the entire few days watching Netflix and sleeping until noon, make it a point find balance between productivity and relaxation — you’ll thank yourself later.

1. Plan your week

Make it a priority to sit down in front of your planner and write in important tasks for the upcoming week. This will make you feel prepared and come Monday, you will be ready to knockout your week.

2. Catch up on the work you’ve been avoiding

Have you been putting off that email or assignment because you’re dreading it so much? This weekend, stop procrastinating and get it out of the way. You will feel fresh and ready to take on new assignments.

3. Get ahead on future work

If there are any tasks that you can get started on before the weekdays hit, do it. Getting ahead on work during the weekend will set you up for success during the week — because no one needs the stress of cramming an assignment in shortly before the deadline.

4. Allow for relaxation and reflection

While catching up on work and prepping for the week are a must during the weekend, you also need to set aside time for yourself. Whether your guilty pleasure is watching a new Netflix series, reading a book, or taking a run, make sure to set aside the time. Reflect on the past week and clear your mind for the week to come.

5. Reset your health

It’s easy to let your mental and physical health get away from you during the busy week. During the weekend, take the time to exercise, eat right, and give yourself a mental break. Your health should always come before work. Plus, when you’re healthy, it will reflect positively on your work performance! It’s a win, win.

6. Clean and organize your belongings

Use the weekend to “start over.” Clear your bag and desk of any junk that you’ve been holding onto and organize the work you still need to finish. This will give you a clean and fresh start to your upcoming week and won’t leave you scrambling to find your important belongings.

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