Stress is a big part of almost everybody’s lifestyle. College students to business professionals feel the pressure and chaos that occurs with the activities of life.

Throughout my course of being a high school and college student involved in many extracurricular activities, I have discovered a few ways to help me stress less.

1. Stay Organized

The best tip that I have learned it to stay organized. To help maximize this it is helpful to know what methods of organization work best for you. I recommend purchasing a planner that drives you to document every task. There are also electronic organization methods such as Google Keep that will sync with Google’s Calendar, or Trello that allows you to make boards for every activity.
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2. Think Ahead

After the short term events are clearly organized it is important to think ahead as much as you can to any long term events. Be conscious and record deadlines that have been set, even if they are not in the near future, track regularly occurring deadlines and events, and know in what places you usually have free time in case any events pop up last minute.

3. Find a Balance of Time

Once I have organized I find that it is important to balance my time in a way that is most useful. Essentially, I prioritize my to-do items that have the soonest due date. The important step with this is to not drop every other thing that you need to do and focus on a singular point but rather to work on all of the others with a special prioritization on any that need to be.

4. Take Time for Yourself

It can be hard to find any time for yourself whether it be an hour, thirty minutes, or fifteen. make sure to carve out a little time for you to actually breathe and let the stress blow away. I recommend watching a brief video with breathing exercises or doing a quick activity that you enjoy to relax. It is very important to take your mind off of the stressful points in your life.

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5. Take Care of Yourself.

In a busy schedule, it’s important to remember to take care of yourself. Take conscious efforts to show yourself some love. This tip does not have to be as elaborate as it seems. What it comes down to is simply taking the time to put on a face mask, and continuing work, drinking a cup of tea, or lighting a nice smelling candle. These small steps make a significant difference in your physical appearance and mental health.

Remember that in a stressful life it is best to find tips that will help you feel the least overwhelmed and the most successful of achieving what you need to do. Stay organized and carve out time for yourself, don’t let stress over take you!

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