I don’t know about y’all, but Twitter is where I go to keep up with all things politics. From news organizations to analysts to activists, there are so many Twitter accounts you can follow to keep you up-to-date.

In the world of Twitter, you can get political opinions and agendas from anyone, so it’s important to seek out the best and brightest (and those with the best sense of humor) to fill up your feed.


DONALD J. TRUMP – @realDonaldTrump


Okay, so much debate has been sparked over the President-elect’s use of his Twitter account. Yet, he is the President-elect, so you should probably be keeping up with him.

JUDICIAL WATCH – @JudicialWatch


Judicial Watch is helping keep the government honest (hah..hah…HAH). They work hard for government transparency and accountability, and take action to make such things happen. Their pinned tweet says, “Big government can’t hide their secrets from us.”

KATIE PAVLICH – @KatiePavlich


Conservative, intelligent, and pretty as can be — Katie Pavlich is the real deal. An eloquent speaker and writer, Katie delivers the truth with charm, grace, and humor. Her book Assault and Flattery: The Truth About the Left and Their War on Women is extremely educational, and her Twitter account is just as great.



Senator SASSE truly lives up to his last name. Ben Sasse is funny, sarcastic, and intelligent. Although you could follow his official Senate account (@SenSasse), why would you do that when you can follow his personal account that’s 10,000 times funnier? One of the best mixers of humor and fact I’ve seen.

Turning Point USA – @TPUSA


Turning Point USA stands for free markets, limited government, and free people. The community organizers of the right, TPUSA activists are out on the front-lines every day, finding on college campuses and across the country for conservative fiscal principles. As an added bonus, they know how to use social media and pop culture references like no other group.

KIMBERLY CORBAN – @Kimberly_Corban


A rape survivor turned advocate for the Second Amendment, Kimberly Corban’s story will break your heart then drive you to action. A mother, speaker, and activist, Kimberly is compassionate, but she’s also wicked smart and will let that be known.

BEN SHAPIRO – @benshapiro


There aren’t enough words for Ben Shapiro. Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Wire, Shapiro’s favorite slogan is, “Facts don’t care about your feelings.” If you like your intelligent arguments and reasoning with a heavy dose of sarcasm and wit, Shapiro is a must follow.



Being a conservative woman is hard; Future Female Leaders makes it easier. Selling the cutest conservative gear in all the land and keeping you up to date on all things needed in a female conservative political junkie’s life, FFL will become your best friend.

MATT WALSH – @MattWalshBlog


If you, too, find so much about culture idiotic, Matt Walsh is a needed voice in your life. Taking on idiotic moves from the left and ridiculous moral relativism with dry humor and wit, you’ll finish reading anything Matt writes feeling as if he just wrote down what your brain has been trying to say the whole time.

CHARLIE KIRK – @charliekirk11


Of course, no political Twitter list would be complete without Charlie Kirk, the 23 year old founder of Turning Point USA and an absolute Twitter savage. Charlie takes on the left constantly, dismantling their arguments constantly and intelligently.

What are your favorite political Twitter accounts? Let HYPELINE know in the comments!

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